Buying cryptocurrency can be a little scary. But it opens up a whole new world on the blockchain, and it's totally worth it.

Here's the key steps to getting started:

Get yourself a crypto wallet

See this article for a list of wallets that we recommend.

Head to

Optional - If your wallet has a browser then it will be best to do this step using the wallet browser. If your wallet is a browser extension then that will work too. Otherwise, don't worry, you can still buy.

Buying cryptocurrency on

Select the amount of fiat currency and cryptocurrency

Click 'See Calculation' for a break-down of the price you pay and any fees. 'Slippage' tells you how the price is, compared to the market price.

'Processing Time' is how long your payment takes for that payment method.

See here for the payment methods, fees, and limits.

Enter your wallet address.

You can get this from your wallet. If are using Transak from your wallet then your address will be automatically populated here.

Complete KYC (for bank payments)

See this article for a guide on how to complete KYC.

Make the payment

Follow the instructions given for the payment method you are using. Note that for GBP, INR and EUR bank transfers you will need to make the payment yourself, and Transak will not pull it from your account.

The crypto will now arrive in your wallet

Some payment methods are instant, but some can take up to 2 working days. Please be patient and see this article for more info:

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