So you've made an order/transaction on or through a Transak partner, and are wondering why the money is still in your bank account/card?

The Transak order flow is as follows:

  1. Pick your fiat currency, cryptocurrency pair and payment method of choice, And confirm that you understand the risk and price volatility of your transaction

  2. Make a payment(through your previously chosen payment method) to the provided account details. An example can be found in the image shown below. (the information provided is based on your chosen fiat currency)

  3. Confirm that you have made the payment on our widget.

That's all! As soon as your payment is settled, magic happens and you will receive your Crypto in your provided wallet address within seconds*

For security and privacy reasons, Transak will never ask your bank directly to make any payment (commonly known as pull payments).

*Please note that if you are doing a bank transfer, the delay is usually because banking service providers based on your chosen method have differing settlement times, and we cannot do anything to speed up this process, however once the payment has been received, we can assure you that your Crypto will be processed within minutes

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